Fuelbook helps get your negotiated fuel discounts into the driver's hands easily and affordably. If you do not get the proper information into the driver's hands you cannot increase network compliance and therefore significant money is being left on the table. If your fleet has owner operators there is not a better driver retention tool then showing the significant fuel savings you are providing.

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Fuelbook is a FREE download for your drivers and owner operators. We support iPhone and Android phones and have achieved top ratings for a high quality mobile app.

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We upload the fleet fuel discounts from your truck stop partners into our system and create a custom 4 digit fuel code. All you have to do is tell your drivers to download the FREE Fuelbook App and enter your custom fuel code...it is that simple!

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Fuelbook provides fuel prices for over 7,000 truck stops updated 6x daily. We handle the complex discount calculations and make it easy for your company drivers to save the fleet money or for your owner operators to smile. It is super easy to search fuel discounts just a tap away in Fuelbook.

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We support 3rd party fuel networks and can provide customized programs with flat rate monthly subscriptions or direct individual customer billing. We have already built the system no reason to invest and maintain a full mobile platform for your program.

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Bonus Features

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