Advertise your Products or Services in Fuelbook

Fuelbook can help your company reach your specific target market with powerful, custom, rich In-App Ads. We offer flexible programs that can be customized to meet your advertising and budget objectives. Full Color Banner Ads that can be directly linked to a second Full Screen In-App View or use the option to link to your Company Mobile Website.  Impression and click analytics are tracked along with the option to use a custom 800# to track ad program calls.

  • $500-$2,500 per month (Regional & National Ads)
  • 250,000 Impression Guarantee (National Ad)
  • Full Color Banner, Full Screen View, Website Links
  • Ad Analytics
  • Custom 800# for tracking
  • Ad Creation Services Included
  • Regional Geo Box Controls (Optional)
  • Month to Month - No Contracts

Call or email for more information: 888-706-6605 or

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